Medical Marijuana for Pain Management

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Marijuana is very effective in treating several diseases and illnesses. Medical marijuana treats chronic pain, glaucoma, nausea, cancer, seizure disorders, muscle spasms, diabetes and a lot more. Some people are apprehensive about applying for a medical marijuana card because they are uncertain of the rules.
Research has proven that marijuana or the constituents of cannabis are very useful in treatment and minimizing pain. Studies show the value of medical marijuana for pain-associated conditions. Cannabis reduces pain in HIV patients. From 28 HIV patients who were assigned marijuana or placebo, 46 percent of those who smoke marijuana experience 30 percent more pain relief.
Marijuana helped lessen the pain in people who suffer from spinal cord injury. Medical doses of marijuana help reduce pain and vaporized marijuana is safe. The vaporization method was found safe and most patients preferred it than smoking. Furthermore, marijuana is better at reducing spasticity experienced with multiple sclerosis and the pain associated with it. Although the use of marijuana is still considered illegal, more studies reveal that it can be used as a cure for many diseases and proven to greatly relieve pain without side effects. Cannabis has helped many patients suffering form various diseases.

Medical Advantages of Marijuana

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In California, people voted to legalize marijuana for medical purposes. Indeed, Marijuana is proven to have many medical advantages that fourteen states have already legalized its medical use. The first recorded marijuana use for medical purposes was 5,000 years ago in China. During that time, it was cure for rheumatic pains, malaria, constipation and female disorders. Furthermore, it helps relieve symptoms associate with illness such as cancer, osteoporosis and many more.
Some medical advantages of Marijuana includes cure for nausea. Studies show that marijuana could help relieve nausea in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. It is also a great cure for multiple sclerosis. One of the well-known reasons for legalizing marijuana is its effective cure for glaucoma. It was proven that smoking marijuana the whole day, intraocular pressure was relieved. Furthermore, marijuana promotes appetite, which is beneficial to AID patients to help keep their weights at reasonable level.
Marijuana is also great for relieving pain because it has analgesic pain-killing effect at low doses. There is overwhelming evidence that marijuana relieves pain, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms. In a study in August 2003, it shows that patients who receive smoked marijuana and marijuana pills showed improvement in their immune function and gained an average of four pounds.

Interesting Cannabis Facts

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Cannabis, also known as Marijuana has been around for hundreds of years. It became very popular in the 60s and 70s. There are so many misconceptions as to its uses due to fact that some people abuse its uses. However, it has been proven that Cannabis has a lot of health benefits and makes terminally ill patients feel better.
There are some very interesting facts about Cannabis that many people do not know. The plant’s first recorded use for medicinal purposes happened in 2727 BC. Thomas Jefferson and George Washington grew cannabis on their plantations. It was once considered legal tender in the United States of America. Another interesting fact is that the declaration of independence was written on cannabis paper!
Cannabis is primarily used in making clothing and in other fabrications such as rope. The plant is believed to have originated in the mountain area regions of India. It can reach up to five meters in height and will flower from late summer to middle autumn. Marijuana is used as part of a ritual of many religions around the world. In Islamic countries, it is accepted along with tobacco and coffee. The name Marijuana comes from the Mexican slang term for cannabis and believed to originate from the Spanish pronunciation of Mary and Jane.

Amazing Facts about Medical Marijuana

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Marijuana is known by a lot of names due to centuries of use in cultures throughout the world. It has been much maligned by media for its recreational use. Nevertheless, in a few years time, the medical qualities of marijuana have picked up speed, particularly when backed by scientific research that proved its positive impact on health.
It is interesting to note that cannabis or marijuana was legal in the state of Colorado until the year 1917 because of its negative connotation as a destructive weed. The fiber derived from cannabis is the most popular and earliest widely used textile fiber on earth until sixty-five years ago. The hemp seed is a complete source of vegetable protein that allows the body to get maximum nourishment.
In the United States from the year 1631 until the early part of 1800, it was legal to pay taxes with hemp. Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and other founding fathers grew marijuana. Furthermore, one of the first paper mills in the United States that was owned by Benjamin Franklin processed hemp. Another interesting fact about marijuana is that for thousands of years, ninety percent of the sails and ropes of all ships were made from hemp. The word ‘canvas’ is a Dutch word that means cannabis.

Medical Marijuana Card in Colorado

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Before deciding that the use of medical marijuana is good for you, you have to consult a doctor who knows about your medical history. Some of the things that your doctor will take into consideration before issuing a certification that you are qualified to apply for a medical marijuana card is a long-term diagnosis and the results you want to achieve by using medical marijuana.
Although fourteen states have legalized the use of medical marijuana, it is still considered a federal offense in the United States. The states that allow the use of marijuana for medical purposes include California, Alaska, Hawaii, Colorado, Michigan, Maryland, New Mexico, Nevada, Rhode Island, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Maine and Vermont. Some states considering legalizing its medical use include Pennsylvania, Illinois, New Jersey, New Hampshire, North Carolina, New York and Minnesota. The state you are in plays a major role in applying for a medical marijuana card.
When applying for a medical marijuana card in Colorado, you are required to fill up an application form and provide all your medical record. The fee for a marijuana card is from $60 to $66. You will also be required to present your Colorado State driver’s license or ID card. Your physician should have a license for medical practice in Colorado. These requirements should be sent to the Medical Marijuana Registry of the Department of Public Health and Environment of Colorado. There is a separate application form for applicants who are underage or below the legal age of eighteen.

Benefits of Medical Marijuana

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Marijuana is an illegal substance derived from the dried flowers and leaves of the Cannabis Sativa plant. Nevertheless, it has been proven that Marijuana helps cure many diseases. The use of medical marijuana is focused on the beneficial effects of the drug to a patient in an attempt to improve his or her quality of life. As of the year 2010, 14 US states have created laws to protect the rights of patients to use medical cannabis.
Legal medical marijuana use is on the rise for a good reason and helps save on medical insurance costs. One of the major benefits of medical marijuana is pain relief. In a study with HIV patients in 2009, doctors found that forty-six percent of patients who were administered with medical marijuana experienced a thirty-percent pain reduction. Using marijuana could stimulate one’s appetite, which is good especially for cancer and HIV patients who normally lose their appetite. Marijuana can create food craving to encourage the patient to eat to provide more energy to the body.
Many patients discover that medical marijuana decreases nausea and vomiting particularly in cancer patients. Controlling nausea can improve the quality of life of the patient and could make them more receptive to their treatments. Patients who often experience muscle twitching or tightness often find it hard to complete normal activities. They can benefit from the use of medical marijuana since it helps minimize the symptoms. When it comes to side effects, most prescription drugs can cause liver damage with long-term use. With medical marijuana however, studies show no permanent damage with its long-term use.

Cannabis Card Application

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If you are a patient who believes that Cannabis can help in your battle against your illness in a state or country where medical use of marijuana is legal, then you should try to apply for a Cannabis card. When applying for a Cannabis card, the first thing to do is to consult your doctor. To qualify, you should be suffering from a chronic or severe kind of disease. After consultation, a licensed doctor will give a recommendation or prescription that you can benefit from medical marijuana.
The doctor’s recommendation should include diagnosis and the reason for your eligibility to file for a marijuana card. You can get a form from your state health department office. As soon as you have the required documents, you can then proceed to apply for a cannabis registry card. Acquiring a medical marijuana registry card means that you are given responsibility to use it for medical purposes only. In other states like California, they allow you to grow your own seeds and get them from a licensed dispensary.
When applying for Cannabis card, you have to schedule an appointment from the public health administration office. After making an appointment, you should bring the documents, which include a completed application form; government issued identification cards like driver’s license or passport, proof of residence in the state such as a current utility bill or rental payment receipt. You should also bring a written documentation completed by your doctor. You will be required to pay from $75 to $150 for the card.

Medical Marijuana California

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Medical Marijuana was approved in California in November 5, 1996. This removed state-level criminal penalties on persons using, possessing and cultivating it for medical purposes. A patient has to have a written recommendation from his or her doctor that he or she will benefit from medical marijuana.
Persons who are diagnosed with debilitating illness where the use of marijuana medically is deemed right and recommend by a physician have a legal protection. Some conditions that are approved for medical marijuana in California include Anorexia, AIDS, arthritis, Cachexia, chronic pain, glaucoma, cancer, severe nausea, migraine, persistent muscle spasms, seizures, epilepsy and other chronic medical symptoms.
Patients or their main caregivers may legally possess not exceeding eight ounces of dried marijuana or six mature cannabis plants or twelve immature cannabis plants in place of six mature ones. The legislation also allows municipalities and councils to maintain or approve local ordinances that permit patients to acquire large quantities of medical marijuana than allowed under the state guidelines. The medical marijuana licensed cannabis dispensary provides affordable, safe and comfortable environment access for medical marijuana patients. It is open from 10 am to 8 pm daily, including Saturdays and Sundays. The legalization of medical marijuana in California has helped hundreds of patients suffering various symptoms.

Medical Marijuana Card

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The states that legalize marijuana for medical use have some form of registration program that require patients and caregivers to have a medical marijuana card. As of July of last year, there are already fourteen US states legalizing the use of marijuana for medical purposes. These states require the patients to use it for medical reasons but should register first.
If you are thinking of asking your doctor for a prescription to treat your medical condition, you have to determine the requirements needed in your state such as a medical documentation. If you are using cannabis without a card, then you are breaking both the federal and state law and subject to harsh penalties even if you are using it for medical purposes.
Marijuana is highly effective since it seems to be the only substance on the plane that cures nausea due to chemotherapy, prevent onset of blindness from glaucoma and minimize depression without destroying the chemical balance of your body. It has been used as an effective medicine as far back as 6,000 years ago. A medical marijuana card allows you access to medical marijuana dispensaries or cannabis clubs. More than five hundred medical marijuana dispensaries serve the needs of patients in California alone.
Furthermore, if you have a medical marijuana card, you can buy it legally as medical cannabis, hash oil, bubble hash, tinctures, delicious edibles and tainted sodas. You can even grow your own pot legally! Growing medical marijuana is not just fun but also a great way to save money on medicine in this present economic difficulty.

Medical Marijuana

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Medical cannabis or medical marijuana is the use of it as a doctor-recommended form of medicine or herbal therapy. Marijuana has a long history of medicinal use, dating as far back as 2,737 BC. Among the documented beneficial effects of cannabis are the cure to vomiting and nausea, hunger stimulation to chemotherapy patients. Its effectiveness as an analgesic has been suggested as well.
There are several ways to administer or apply a dosage of marijuana, such as smoking, vaporizing, drinking, taking capsules or eating extracts. In some countries, some are available as prescription drugs, such as the Marinol which is available in Canada, US, Mexico and the United Kingdom. Distribution and permission for medical cannabis differ from state to state but is usually made done within a framework defined by laws.
Some people consider it an essential medicine that reduces debilitating symptoms and they feel they will not be able to treat their conditions without it. Nevertheless, there is always the issue of its legality. It is still considered illegal in many places despite the fact that this is a very effective medicine that helps cure a lot of illnesses. There are some states that legalized the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes but others still consider it as one of the most popularly abused drug in the world.

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