What is a Cannabis Card?

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In every state where medical marijuana is legal, you need a Cannabis card to identify the reason why you have to use or possess marijuana. A Cannabis card is a state ID system that identifies patients recommended by their doctors for cannabis use. This card is similar to a driver’s license that states that you are a legal cannabis patient. This card is to protect you from prosecution and law enforcement.
The process of getting a Cannabis card requires an application form to be filled up, identification card, doctor’s prescription and an annual fee. Remember that marijuana use is not legal in all states, so make sure to check out your state if cannabis is legal. To get a card, your doctor should provide a medical evidence for the card and a prescription so that you can get medical cannabis and products you can obtain from a dispensary.
Once your cannabis card application is approved, you can now get your card. You either receive your card by postal mail together with a letter of approval or you can get it on the same day you filed if the agency has fast approval process. Keep in mind that you must have a medical reason in order to obtain a cannabis card.

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