Medical Marijuana and Depression

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Depression is a serious illness and people with this condition often have long-term feelings of low self-esteem and sadness. Suicidal thoughts are possible and make ordinary tasks like cooking, cleaning, going to work and personal hygiene extremely difficult.
For centuries, medical marijuana has been used to treat depression. Surveys from patients show that cannabis is used by many people in treating depression and shows great results. A lot of studies also show that patients with depression report less symptoms by using cannabis. Low cannabis doses increase serotonin levels in the brain which helps improving the mood of a person.
With appropriate medical marijuana use, many patients are able to eliminate or reduce the use of opiates, Ritalin, tranquilizers, sleeping pills, anti-depressants and other pain pills. A considerable number of patients report significant stabilization and improvement in their bipolar disorder. Although some mental health professionals are worried about the impact of cannabis on manic states, most bipolar patients who try cannabis discover that they find great improvement in their overall mood. Patients using marijuana to ‘relax’ could be treating the anxiousness which is sometimes associated with depression. Moreover, medical marijuana aids insomnia which is sometimes present in depression and helps increase the appetite. Although cannabis could not yet be considered a primary treatment for major depression, it could improve mood as long as it is used under the supervision of a physician along with therapy and SSRI’s.

HIV Patients can benefit from Medical Marijuana

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Various researches and studies were done regarding the benefits of medical marijuana to patients with HIV or AIDS. In the year 2007, Information from Columbia University Investigators revealed that cannabis is highly effective in increasing the appetite of patients with HIV. In addition to that, it is well tolerated without discomfort. This indicates the positive effects of medical marijuana to HIV/AIDS patients.
Moreover, studies reveal that medical marijuana use helps minimize or lessen problems such as physical disability, mood disturbance and overall quality of life. Medical marijuana also helps in treating waste syndrome in these patients. Wasting includes nausea, appetite loss, pain and anxiety. All these can be minimized through medical marijuana use.
HIV/AIDS patients are known to have difficulty in sleeping most of the time. Medical marijuana’s drowsiness effect helps them get a good night’s sleep. Furthermore, small marijuana doses could increase serotonin, which is the same as SSRI antidepressants. The anti-depressant effects of medical marijuana are due to the chemical similarity to endo-cannabinoids, the natural substances in the brain which are released during high stress or high pain. These could have a direct effect on the cells producing serotonin, which helps in regulating the mood of the patient.

Marijuana Benefits to HIV Patients

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Numerous researches were conducted on the benefits of marijuana to patients diagnosed with HIV or AIDS. Information from Columbia University Investigators in the year 207 showed that cannabis is extremely effective in increasing the food intake of HIV patients. Moreover, it is well tolerated and without discomfort. This suggests the positive benefits that HIV patients can get through the use of medical marijuana.
Studies also reveal that the use of marijuana helps minimize problems such as mood disturbance, physical disability and the overall life quality. Medical marijuana helps in treating wasting syndrome in HIV or AIDS patients. Wasting includes loss of appetite, nausea, anxiety and pain. All of these can be reduced through the use of medical marijuana.
It is a known fact that HIV/AIDS patients find it difficult to sleep. The drowsiness effect of medical marijuana helps them get a good night’s sleep. Moreover, small doses of marijuana increase serotonin, which is similar to SSRI antidepressants. Marijuana’s anti-depressant effects are due to the chemical similarity to the natural substances in the brain known as endo-cannabinoids which are released during high pain or stress. These have a direct effect on the cells that produce serotonin, which helps to regulate the mood.

How Cancer Patients can benefit from Marijuana

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Many studies were conducted and some are still conducted about the benefits from marijuana. Studies revealed that marijuana aids those who are suffering from diseases such as cancer. All types f cancers such as lung cancer, prostate or breast cancer basically begins in the same way. Radiation and chemotherapy are two important treatments for persons with cancer but the side effects could cause damage because of the chemotherapeutic agents and toxic chemicals. One of the side effects includes nausea for those who are undergoing radiation o therapy.
In the many studies done, medical marijuana helps relieve pain and nausea. A report in 1999 by the Institutes of Medicine, patients who are experiencing severe nausea or vomiting, using pills are not effective because of the difficulty in swallowing. On the other hand, inhalation of the cannabinoid drug is more beneficial in treating nausea.
Although the two most beneficial effects of medical marijuana to patients with cancer is freedom from nausea and vomiting, a lot of cancer patients reported a reduction of wasting away. Furthermore, they also noticed a reduction of the feeling of depression and other side effects and appetite increase. All of these helped a lot of cancer patients to live a more comfortable and happier life. However, the most shocking benefit of medical marijuana is the cannabinoids chemical actually fight cancer cells, including breast cancer, brain cancer and melanoma.

Benefits of Marijuana to Cancer Patients

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Many studies were conducted and still being conducted regarding the medical benefits of marijuana. These studies revealed that medical marijuana can help those who suffer from diseases like cancer. All kinds of cancers, like prostate cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer basically start the same way. Chemotherapy and radiation are two important treatments for cancer patients but these could cause severe side effects and damage due to toxic chemicals used in chemotherapeutic agents. Side effects include nausea to those undergoing chemotherapy or radiation.
In many studies performed, medical marijuana can help relieve nausea and pain. A report by the Institutes of Medicine in 1999 concluded that patients who are already experiencing severe vomiting or nausea, pills are ineffective due to the difficulty in swallowing, but inhalation of cannabinoid drug is more advantageous for treating nausea.
While the two most beneficial effects of marijuana to cancer patients is freedom from vomiting and nausea, many patients reported a reduction of the severity of wasting away. Moreover, they noticed a reduction of depression and other side effects and an increase in appetite. All of these have helped many cancer patients live a happier and more comfortable life. The most shocking benefit shows that chemicals in cannabis known as cannabinoids fight cancer cells, including melanoma, breast and brain cancer.

Medical Marijuana Side Effects

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Medical marijuana side effects may be as simple as appetite increase or as threatening as lung cancer. Although marijuana is known to alleviate a lot of symptoms for over 4,000 years, the same as other drugs, it has side effects as well. The following are some side effects you should know.
1. Drowsiness or hypnesthesia, is a state that desires sleep. While this interferes with an individual’s ability to keep alert while working, people with insomnia could benefit from this to by alleviating the condition. When using marijuana, refrain from driving.
2. Dry Mouth or Thirst is a common medical marijuana side effect. This condition rarely if at all interferes with your daily work and can be alleviated at home.
3. Giddiness may result n bouts of laughter. While this is considered as a medical marijuana side effect, laughter could be advantageous to one’s health, for laughter is the best medicine.
4. Hunger or known as ‘munchies’ is a very common marijuana side effect. This effect is the reason why many patients use medical marijuana, such as those suffering from severe nausea, anorexia, cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, HIV/AIDS.
5. Red Eyes is another common side effect which is harmless, temporary and painless.

Side effects of Medical Marijuana

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Side effects of marijuana can be as innocent as increase in appetite to as threatening as cancer in the lungs. While medical marijuana is know to cure a lot of symptoms for more than 4,00o years now, just like other drugs, it also has side effects. Some of these side effects are the following:
1. Drowsiness, also known as hypnesthesia. It is a state with a desire to sleep. Although this could interfere with a person’s ability to stay alert during working hours, those with insomnia will find this beneficial in alleviating their condition. Avoid driving when you are using medical marijuana.
2. Thirst or Dry Mouth is another side effect common in medical marijuana. This rarely if ever interferes with your daily activities and can be easily alleviated at home.
3. Giddiness could result in bouts of laughter. Although considered as medical marijuana side effect, the laughter could be beneficial to one’s health.
4. Hunger or commonly referred as ‘munchies’ is a very common effect. Hunger-inducing effects are the reason why a lot of patients use medical marijuana, like those patients suffering from anorexia, severe nausea, HIV/AIDS, cancer patients who are undergoing radiation or chemotherapy treatments.
5. Red Eyes is common for patients after taking marijuana. This is temporary, harmless and painless.

Relieving Depression and Pain through Medical Marijuana

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One of the most beneficial and therapeutically active substances known to man is Marijuana. It has been used medically for around 4,000 years. Ancient India writings recognized and confirmed its psychoactive properties and physicians are using them for various illnesses and ailments. Its medical use is restricted due to its prohibition. However, present Canadian government legislations made it more accessible to patients.
Medical marijuana is known to dramatically minimize chronic pain in people with damaged nerves. Furthermore, consumption of marijuana lessens anxiety and depression. Extracts of marijuana in pill forms were know to be great in treating pain. Marijuana helps alleviate pain from different disorders and injuries. While mild anxiety is a common side effect on some persons who use marijuana, it could expand the mind and elevate mood.
The active ingredient which is the 9.4% THC of marijuana helps in reducing pain, minimizes depression and anxiety and helps in sleeping well. Dr. Mark Ware of the Alan Edwards Pain Management reported that 25 mg. herbal marijuana along with 9.45% THC administered as single smoke three times a day for five straight days considerably minimizes pain intensity than 0% THC cannabis placebo in people with chronic post surgical pain or post-traumatic pain.

Medical Marijuana for Pain and Depression

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Marijuana is considered as one of the most therapeutically active and beneficial substances know to man. It has been used for medical purposes for about 4,000 years. Writings that came from ancient India confirmed and recognized its psychoactive properties and doctors used it for different ailments and illnesses. Because of the marijuana prohibition, its medical use is restricted. Nevertheless, current Canadian government legislation has made it more available for patients.
Medical marijuana is shown to considerably decrease chronic pain in those who have damaged nerves. Moreover, marijuana consumption minimizes anxiety and depression. Marijuana extracts in pill forms were reported to be wonderful in treating pain. Medical marijuana helps alleviate the pain from various injuries and disorders. Although mild anxiety is the usual side effect in some who use marijuana, it can elevate the mood and expand the mind.
The 9.4% THC active ingredient of marijuana helps reduce pain, decreases anxiety and depression and aids in sleep as well. At the Alan Edwards Pain Management Unit, Dr. Mark Ware reported that 25 mg herbal marijuana with 9.45% THC when administered as a single smoke three times everyday for five days dramatically reduces the intensity of pain than 0% THC cannabis placebo in those with chronic post-traumatic or post surgical pain.

Discovery of Medical Marijuana

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As early as 2737 BC, Emperor Shen Neng of China was prescribing medical marijuana tea as treatment for rheumatism, gout, malaria and even poor memory. The popularity of marijuana as a medicine spread throughout Asia, Middle East and the eastern coast of Africa. Ancient doctors prescribed marijuana for pain relief, earache and childbirth. Nevertheless, doctors also warned against overusing it.
In the late part of the 18th century, American medical journals recommend marijuana seeds and roots for treatment of incontinence and venereal disease and inflamed skin. An Irish doctor named William O’Shaughnessy first popularized the use of medical marijuana in America and England. As the doctor of the British East India company, he discovered the marijuana eased the pain of rheumatism and helpful against nausea and discomfort related in cholera, rabies and tetanus.
It was not until the year 1914 that marijuana use was considered a crime under the Harrison Act. Nevertheless, studies and surveys revealed the healing effects of marijuana in most illnesses. In this regard, 14 US states have legalized the use of marijuana for medical purposes. This is particularly helpful to patients who suffer from symptoms of various illnesses. The law about marijuana allows using it for pain relief as recommended by a physician and even allowing patients to grow their own hemp for their own medical use.

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