Acquiring a Legal Cannabis Card

Legal Cannabis is the current rage in the fourteen states in the US that have legalized it. Nonetheless, it is a bit hard to acquire a legal cannabis card if you are not aware of the loopholes you have to undergo. First that you should do is to find out if you belong to the fourteen states that legalized cannabis. Next, you have to determine if you have a medical condition that could be treated by it.
Contact your physician regarding your condition and he or she will be able to determine if medical cannabis will benefit you. Your physician could help you decide on the right medication and the advantages and disadvantages of cannabis and the laws that surround it in your state as well. You need a written prescription or statement from your doctor recommending medical cannabis treatment for your disease. If your doctor will not give you one, you may contact the THC Foundation. They have different medical cannabis clubs in various states that support legal cannabis and could help you find a doctor or get the prescription from your doctor.
Check out the county office of your state office if you need additional documentation to get your legal cannabis card. Some areas will require proof of residency and others have to verify your identification card. When you have all things in order, you can proceed to a medical marijuana dispensary to purchase your medication.

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