Amazing Facts about Medical Marijuana

Marijuana is known by a lot of names due to centuries of use in cultures throughout the world. It has been much maligned by media for its recreational use. Nevertheless, in a few years time, the medical qualities of marijuana have picked up speed, particularly when backed by scientific research that proved its positive impact on health.
It is interesting to note that cannabis or marijuana was legal in the state of Colorado until the year 1917 because of its negative connotation as a destructive weed. The fiber derived from cannabis is the most popular and earliest widely used textile fiber on earth until sixty-five years ago. The hemp seed is a complete source of vegetable protein that allows the body to get maximum nourishment.
In the United States from the year 1631 until the early part of 1800, it was legal to pay taxes with hemp. Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and other founding fathers grew marijuana. Furthermore, one of the first paper mills in the United States that was owned by Benjamin Franklin processed hemp. Another interesting fact about marijuana is that for thousands of years, ninety percent of the sails and ropes of all ships were made from hemp. The word ‘canvas’ is a Dutch word that means cannabis.

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