Applying for a Cannabis Card

If you are sick and suffering from certain symptoms and you believe that Cannabis can help you in fighting your illness, you have to find out first if the state you belong allows the legal use of cannabis for medical purposes. The first thing you have to do in applying for a cannabis card is to consult your doctor. To qualify, you should be suffering from a chronic disease. After consulting with your doctor, he or she will give you a prescription declaring that you can benefit from using medical cannabis.
The physician’s recommendation must include the diagnosis and the reason why you are qualified to apply for a cannabis card. Your state health department office can give you an application form. As soon as you have the documents ready, you can proceed to apply for a cannabis card. Having a card means that you will be responsible for its use and must use it only for medical reasons. Some states like California allow you to grow your own cannabis and buy them from an authorized dispensary.
When applying for a card, you should schedule an appointment with the public health administration office in your area. When you are given an appointment, bring all the necessary documents along with you along with the filled up application form, government issued identification cards like driver’s license or passport, present utility bill or rental payment receipt. Do not forget to bring the doctor’s recommendation with you.

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