Benefits of Marijuana to Cancer Patients

Many studies were conducted and still being conducted regarding the medical benefits of marijuana. These studies revealed that medical marijuana can help those who suffer from diseases like cancer. All kinds of cancers, like prostate cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer basically start the same way. Chemotherapy and radiation are two important treatments for cancer patients but these could cause severe side effects and damage due to toxic chemicals used in chemotherapeutic agents. Side effects include nausea to those undergoing chemotherapy or radiation.
In many studies performed, medical marijuana can help relieve nausea and pain. A report by the Institutes of Medicine in 1999 concluded that patients who are already experiencing severe vomiting or nausea, pills are ineffective due to the difficulty in swallowing, but inhalation of cannabinoid drug is more advantageous for treating nausea.
While the two most beneficial effects of marijuana to cancer patients is freedom from vomiting and nausea, many patients reported a reduction of the severity of wasting away. Moreover, they noticed a reduction of depression and other side effects and an increase in appetite. All of these have helped many cancer patients live a happier and more comfortable life. The most shocking benefit shows that chemicals in cannabis known as cannabinoids fight cancer cells, including melanoma, breast and brain cancer.

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