Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Marijuana is an illegal substance derived from the dried flowers and leaves of the Cannabis Sativa plant. Nevertheless, it has been proven that Marijuana helps cure many diseases. The use of medical marijuana is focused on the beneficial effects of the drug to a patient in an attempt to improve his or her quality of life. As of the year 2010, 14 US states have created laws to protect the rights of patients to use medical cannabis.
Legal medical marijuana use is on the rise for a good reason and helps save on medical insurance costs. One of the major benefits of medical marijuana is pain relief. In a study with HIV patients in 2009, doctors found that forty-six percent of patients who were administered with medical marijuana experienced a thirty-percent pain reduction. Using marijuana could stimulate one’s appetite, which is good especially for cancer and HIV patients who normally lose their appetite. Marijuana can create food craving to encourage the patient to eat to provide more energy to the body.
Many patients discover that medical marijuana decreases nausea and vomiting particularly in cancer patients. Controlling nausea can improve the quality of life of the patient and could make them more receptive to their treatments. Patients who often experience muscle twitching or tightness often find it hard to complete normal activities. They can benefit from the use of medical marijuana since it helps minimize the symptoms. When it comes to side effects, most prescription drugs can cause liver damage with long-term use. With medical marijuana however, studies show no permanent damage with its long-term use.

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