Feds say NO to Large Medical Marijuana Growth Facilities

The Oakland City Council asked John Russo, the Oakland City Attorney, to check with the Feds on the Legality of Large Scale Medical Marijuana growing facilities.
As they might have expected, the Federal Prosecutor in California, Melinda Haag, replied with a warning that the Feds intended to prosecute medical marijuana growth facilities even if they were approved by the city of Oakland.
She wrote that she would prosecute even if the medical marijuana growth facilities were licensed under state law.
She also warned that the prosecutions could include more than just the medical marijuana growers, they could include the property owners, the landlords and the financiers of the medical marijuana growth facilities.
Haag’s office acknowledged the 09 memo from the Justice Department that keeps the Feds from going after the medical marijuana patients if they are licensed by state law, but clearly this does not apply to the Large Scale medical marijuana growth facilities.
One of the loopholes that the smaller scale medical marijuana dispensaries have used is by having the clients designate the medical marijuana dispensary as the Primary Caregiver they can fall under the umbrella of the 09 memo, but this wont apply to the large Scale medical marijuana growth facilities so they will be easy targets for the Feds.

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