How Medical Marijuana relieves Depression

Depression is considered a very serious illness and those who have this condition have long-term feeling of low self-esteem and extreme sadness. Thoughts of suicide are possible and make tasks such as cleaning, cooking, personal hygiene and going to work very difficult.
Medical marijuana has been used for centuries to treat depression. Patient surveys reveal that marijuana is used by a lot of people in treating depression and the results are great. Many studies show that patients who have depression report less symptoms by using marijuana. Low doses of the hemp increases the serotonin levels in the brain, which helps improve the person’s mood.
With the right amount of medial marijuana use, a patient could eliminate or lessen the use of Ritalin, opiates, sleeping pills, tranquilizers, anti-depressants and other pills. A lot f patients report a considerable improvement and stabilization in their bipolar disorder. While some mental health professionals are concerned of the impact of marijuana on manic states, most bipolar patients who use marijuana discover great improvement in their mood. Patients who use marijuana to ‘relax’ could be treating anxiousness sometimes associated with depression. Furthermore, marijuana helps insomnia, sometimes present in depression and increases the appetite. While medial marijuana could not be considered a main treatment for major depression, it could help improve the mood so long as it is used under a physician’s supervision and therapy.

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