Information on Medical Marijuana

Marijuana refers to the dried flowers and leaves of the cannabis plant. It has various quantities of THC. Many of the questions about medical marijuana are about its additive qualities. In truth, many users are moderate consumers who occasionally smoke it for relaxation purposes. It is found to be less habit-forming compared to sugar and chocolate.
It is vital to note that nobody has died from smoking hemp. It is considered safer than a lot of food commonly consumed these days. In addition to that, in contrast to beliefs, marijuana does not lead to the use of hard drugs. Although there are people who use drugs who smoke marijuana often, it is said that legal drugs such as alcohol or tobacco led the use of illegal drugs.
Most people are also curious as to whether marijuana use could cause violence. In truth, it has the opposite effect. The only crime that most marijuana users commit is using it. Marijuana users seem to be under represented in violence and crime than use of amphetamines and alcohol. In fact, smoking marijuana is safer than tobacco and people tend to smoke less of it. Marijuana has been proven as a medial alternative with plenty of therapeutic benefits in treating diseases, from arthritis, glaucoma, asthma, HIV/AIDS to cancer.

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