Interesting Cannabis Facts

Cannabis, also known as Marijuana has been around for hundreds of years. It became very popular in the 60s and 70s. There are so many misconceptions as to its uses due to fact that some people abuse its uses. However, it has been proven that Cannabis has a lot of health benefits and makes terminally ill patients feel better.
There are some very interesting facts about Cannabis that many people do not know. The plant’s first recorded use for medicinal purposes happened in 2727 BC. Thomas Jefferson and George Washington grew cannabis on their plantations. It was once considered legal tender in the United States of America. Another interesting fact is that the declaration of independence was written on cannabis paper!
Cannabis is primarily used in making clothing and in other fabrications such as rope. The plant is believed to have originated in the mountain area regions of India. It can reach up to five meters in height and will flower from late summer to middle autumn. Marijuana is used as part of a ritual of many religions around the world. In Islamic countries, it is accepted along with tobacco and coffee. The name Marijuana comes from the Mexican slang term for cannabis and believed to originate from the Spanish pronunciation of Mary and Jane.

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