Interesting Marijuana

Marijuana these days is famous as an effective treatment for so many diseases. Nevertheless, for many years, it has been negatively publicized due to many people using it for recreation. Nowadays, patients and doctors alike claim that marijuana is very effective in pain management and other symptoms.
However, not many people are aware of some interesting information of medical marijuana. For example, up to 1883, seventy-five to ninety percent of the paper used in the US was made from weed. Moreover, marijuana seed was the number one selling bird feed in 1937 in America. In the middle to the late part of 1800, the most commonly used medications were marijuana extracts and concentrated resins.
It is an interesting fact that during the year 1941, Henry Ford built a car with plastic that is made from hemp and a South of France bridge was built with a mixture of hemp in the year 500 to 700 AD. Did you know that the original Levis Strauss jeans were manufactured with hemp? In 1942, the US government encouraged people to cultivate marijuana in the efforts of war and go as far as creating a film called “Hemp for Victory”. When compressed and heated, hemp fibers could create superior building materials than wood when it comes to cost, strength and quality. These are just some of the many interesting marijuana information.

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