Marijuana Benefits to HIV Patients

Numerous researches were conducted on the benefits of marijuana to patients diagnosed with HIV or AIDS. Information from Columbia University Investigators in the year 207 showed that cannabis is extremely effective in increasing the food intake of HIV patients. Moreover, it is well tolerated and without discomfort. This suggests the positive benefits that HIV patients can get through the use of medical marijuana.
Studies also reveal that the use of marijuana helps minimize problems such as mood disturbance, physical disability and the overall life quality. Medical marijuana helps in treating wasting syndrome in HIV or AIDS patients. Wasting includes loss of appetite, nausea, anxiety and pain. All of these can be reduced through the use of medical marijuana.
It is a known fact that HIV/AIDS patients find it difficult to sleep. The drowsiness effect of medical marijuana helps them get a good night’s sleep. Moreover, small doses of marijuana increase serotonin, which is similar to SSRI antidepressants. Marijuana’s anti-depressant effects are due to the chemical similarity to the natural substances in the brain known as endo-cannabinoids which are released during high pain or stress. These have a direct effect on the cells that produce serotonin, which helps to regulate the mood.

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