Marijuana Effects to Arthritis

Arthritis is an inflammation of one or more joints which result to pain, swelling and hindered movement. When compared with placebo use, medical marijuana produced considerable improvements on pain in movement, pain at rest and the quality of sleep on those with arthritis.
The studies conducted on chronic marijuana users proved that the hemp has modifying effects to people. Because it can modulate the function and secretion o f regulatory proteins or cytokines from the immune cells, medical marijuana may be considered as an effective cure for inflammatory diseases.
Patients have attested for long that the hemp has been very effective in treating their arthritis. Today, science has demonstrated how the TCH component in marijuana is highly effective as analgesic or pain killer and the cannabidiol or CBD has unique benefits in treating arthritis. Indeed, this is great news for those suffering from arthritis and finds no effect or com fort on the medication they are taking. Nonetheless, a patient should consult his or her doctor to determine if the use of medical marijuana could be beneficial to him or her. Keep in mind that the effects of the medication may vary, even with natural medication such as medical marijuana.

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