Marijuana for Pain Relief

It has been proven that Marijuana has great pain relief potential. Smoking marijuana reduces pain in those who suffer from nerve pain due to injuries or surgical complications. For many people who are seriously ill, medical marijuana is the only medication that relieves their suffering and pain or even treats symptoms of their illnesses.
While some people who suffer from pain turn to antidepressants, opioids and local anesthetics, the treatments are limited and the side effects can be worst. However, those who use medical marijuana find it more effective and without side effects. A lot of patients attest that when treating their chronic pain with marijuana, they are able to significantly cut down their opiate intake. The cannabinoids and THC in marijuana are effective in relieving pain associated with inflammation and nerve damage. Although there are not many researches that look at the pain relief capacity of marijuana, there are many reports that show that medical marijuana works best for peripheral nerve pain like the phantom limb pain that occur after amputation.
Medical marijuana blocks the pathways of pain in the central nervous system but via a different neurochemical signaling system compared to opiates. The cananbinoids in marijuana may directly act on the injured tissues by minimizing inflammation around the damaged nerves.

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