Medical Cannabis and Nausea

Nausea and vomiting, whether because of treatment for AIDS, abdominal surgery or chemotherapy can be effectively remedied through the use of medical cannabis. The experience of patients and clinical tests indicate that smoking marijuana can relieve nausea and stimulate patient’s appetite, minimizing the weight loss risk on patients with cancer or AIDS.
The anti-nausea effects of marijuana are well-known among users and scientifically to relieve symptoms. Smoking medical cannabis provides effective cure for vomiting compared to orally ingesting THC. Many patients opt to vaporize or smoke it than taking a THC pill. Patients may be allowed to grow their own plant at home instead of going to the pharmacy or dispensary for their medication, depending on the local laws and also if the state has legalized cannabis use for medical purposes.
Medical cannabis has been proven effective on patients whose nausea does not respond to other medications. In a study, fifty-six patients treated with medical cannabis whose nausea symptoms had not responded to traditional medicine, out of the fifty-six, seventy-eight percent of them noticed an improvement after smoking medical cannabis. These patients attested that their nausea and vomiting were impressively minimized after they smoked cannabis than taking their traditional medication.

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