Medical Marijuana Card in Colorado

Before deciding that the use of medical marijuana is good for you, you have to consult a doctor who knows about your medical history. Some of the things that your doctor will take into consideration before issuing a certification that you are qualified to apply for a medical marijuana card is a long-term diagnosis and the results you want to achieve by using medical marijuana.
Although fourteen states have legalized the use of medical marijuana, it is still considered a federal offense in the United States. The states that allow the use of marijuana for medical purposes include California, Alaska, Hawaii, Colorado, Michigan, Maryland, New Mexico, Nevada, Rhode Island, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Maine and Vermont. Some states considering legalizing its medical use include Pennsylvania, Illinois, New Jersey, New Hampshire, North Carolina, New York and Minnesota. The state you are in plays a major role in applying for a medical marijuana card.
When applying for a medical marijuana card in Colorado, you are required to fill up an application form and provide all your medical record. The fee for a marijuana card is from $60 to $66. You will also be required to present your Colorado State driver’s license or ID card. Your physician should have a license for medical practice in Colorado. These requirements should be sent to the Medical Marijuana Registry of the Department of Public Health and Environment of Colorado. There is a separate application form for applicants who are underage or below the legal age of eighteen.

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