Medical Marijuana for Cancer Patients

Studies conducted by prestigious medical and scientific organizations proved that medical marijuana helps cancer patients. Since hemp is known to be effective in relieving pain and nausea which are normally experienced by people who have cancer, it helps improve their life condition considerably.
Many patients also reported reduction in wasting away. Moreover, they also notice a lessening in their depression and the other side effects of the disease. All these things have helped many cancer patients live a happier, better and more comfortable life.
The most shocking benefit is that more than twenty major studies done in the last five years have shown that the cannabinoids, a chemical in marijuana actually fights cancer cells. As a matter of fact, it has been shown that the cannabinoids in marijuana arrest the growth of cancer of various forms, which include melanoma, breast cancer and brain cancer. Ever since the possibility was first considered, more studies have been done and concentrated on the possibility that the chemical in the hemp have anticarcinogenic effects. A study in the Institute f Toxicology and Pharmacology in Rostock, Germany in 2007n focused on human cervical cancer cells treated with THC and cannabinoids. Even with low concentrations, it led to a decrease in cancer invasion.

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