Medical Marijuana for Depression Treatment

Depression is a serious disease that negatively affects your feelings, the way you think and act. It has several symptoms but the most common are sadness, loss of joy or interest on activities. More symptoms could include oversleeping, insomnia, changes in appetite, loss of energy, restlessness, irritability, worthlessness, guilt and death or suicide thoughts and attempts.
The possibility of using medical marijuana in treating depression creates many controversies in the general public and the medical scientific world. Different researchers come up with different conclusions. Probably the most logical conclusion resulted from a Canadian study which balances both the positive and negative view when using medical marijuana to treat depression. The active ingredient in marijuana known as TCH increases serotonin if smoked in low doses which has the same effect as SSRI antidepressants.
Nevertheless, higher doses could mean a reverse effect and may actually make depression worst. Medical marijuana is helpful in minimizing and treating this disease but must be administered at the recommended low doses. Doctors and patients should both be aware that a higher dosage intake could worsen the condition. The same as other medications, excessive intake could have negative effects on the individual instead of healing him or her.

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