Medical Marijuana for Pain Management

Marijuana is very effective in treating several diseases and illnesses. Medical marijuana treats chronic pain, glaucoma, nausea, cancer, seizure disorders, muscle spasms, diabetes and a lot more. Some people are apprehensive about applying for a medical marijuana card because they are uncertain of the rules.
Research has proven that marijuana or the constituents of cannabis are very useful in treatment and minimizing pain. Studies show the value of medical marijuana for pain-associated conditions. Cannabis reduces pain in HIV patients. From 28 HIV patients who were assigned marijuana or placebo, 46 percent of those who smoke marijuana experience 30 percent more pain relief.
Marijuana helped lessen the pain in people who suffer from spinal cord injury. Medical doses of marijuana help reduce pain and vaporized marijuana is safe. The vaporization method was found safe and most patients preferred it than smoking. Furthermore, marijuana is better at reducing spasticity experienced with multiple sclerosis and the pain associated with it. Although the use of marijuana is still considered illegal, more studies reveal that it can be used as a cure for many diseases and proven to greatly relieve pain without side effects. Cannabis has helped many patients suffering form various diseases.

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