MMP Card

The MMP or Medical Marijuana Program card was created to provide a medical marijuana identification card registry program and issuance for qualified patients and their caregivers. The MMP is administered through the county of residence of a patient. Through the recommendation of physicians, patients and their main caregivers could apply for one and be issued a medical marijuana card.
The passing of the laws regarding medical marijuana programs has been growing around the United States and has affected sixteen states already. In providing legal medical marijuana cards, the government have established a dependable and secure manner to guarantee that the right individuals are the ones who can legally possess medical marijuana. After the law has been passed, the states have created a state owned version of a web registry within the state. The programs are made to implement basic regulations like a specific manner that protect the public and ensure the members’ confidentiality.
The initial process of acquiring an MMP card is having a doctor diagnose you of an ailment that requires you to use legal marijuana to ease symptoms. Some symptoms that marijuana is know to fix includes HIV/AIDS, glaucoma, certain cancers, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s and pains related to other diseases. Every state has its individual steps to acquiring marijuana card and the medical marijuana program.

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