Relieving Depression and Pain through Medical Marijuana

One of the most beneficial and therapeutically active substances known to man is Marijuana. It has been used medically for around 4,000 years. Ancient India writings recognized and confirmed its psychoactive properties and physicians are using them for various illnesses and ailments. Its medical use is restricted due to its prohibition. However, present Canadian government legislations made it more accessible to patients.
Medical marijuana is known to dramatically minimize chronic pain in people with damaged nerves. Furthermore, consumption of marijuana lessens anxiety and depression. Extracts of marijuana in pill forms were know to be great in treating pain. Marijuana helps alleviate pain from different disorders and injuries. While mild anxiety is a common side effect on some persons who use marijuana, it could expand the mind and elevate mood.
The active ingredient which is the 9.4% THC of marijuana helps in reducing pain, minimizes depression and anxiety and helps in sleeping well. Dr. Mark Ware of the Alan Edwards Pain Management reported that 25 mg. herbal marijuana along with 9.45% THC administered as single smoke three times a day for five straight days considerably minimizes pain intensity than 0% THC cannabis placebo in people with chronic post surgical pain or post-traumatic pain.

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