Steps in Acquiring Marijuana Card in California

California has approved the legal use of medical marijuana and currently used to treat more than 100 diseases. If you are suffering from chronic symptoms or debilitating ailment, then medical marijuana might be a great alternative for you. To acquire a marijuana card in CA, you first have to consult a doctor who will recommend you for medical marijuana treatment. As soon as you have the doctor’s recommendation, you will be issued a valid marijuana card that lets you use the hemp legally.
The card is vital because although marijuana is legally approved in the state of California, it is still considered as a Schedule 1 drug. There are no marijuana prescriptions but a medical marijuana program. If you want to have access of medical marijuana in dispensaries and use, grow or transport t hem for medicinal purposes, you can perform these legally by obtaining a card first. The steps in acquiring a medical marijuana card in CA are the following:
1. See a licensed doctor or a medial marijuana doctor.
2. Get a recommendation letter of prescription from the doctor.
3. Submit application for a card to the state.
4. Pay the corresponding state fees and other fees if applicable.
5. Get an approval and receive the CA card via mail.

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