Treat Glaucoma with Medical Marijuana

Glaucoma is a serious condition that affects the eyes and could lead to blindness in adults. It is also one of the most familiar ailments which medical marijuana has been prescribed for a long time. The cause of glaucoma is the increased build-up of pressure and fluid in the eye. The build-up can cause wear on the optic nerve and the visual cortex, thus eventually leading to blindness.
Medical marijuana has been known to dramatically decrease the pressure with glaucoma. The cannabinoid receptors discovered in the eyes suggest that medical marijuana could help in relieving the intraocular pressure. Current research also states that medical hemp has neuro-protective qualities which help guard the nerves that have been damaged by the disease.
Glaucoma patients have various products to choose from in different medical marijuana dispensaries to treat the illness. Although smoking is still the most common means of consuming marijuana, there are many options for those patients who are not comfortable with it. For instance, one can opt to mix marijuana in cookies, edible cakes and enjoy long-term relief. Vaporizers cook the active ingredients in the plant without burning the leaves themselves, which makes it possible to smoke marijuana without actually producing a smoke.

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