What you should know about Medical Cannabis

Marijuana refers to the dried leaves and flower of the cannabis hemp plant. It contains different quantities of the non-narcotic chemical TCH in different quantities. Most questions regarding medical cannabis are its addictive qualities. Actually, most users are moderate consumers who smoke it occasionally or socially for relaxation. Cannabis is less habit-forming than chocolate and sugar.
It is important to note that no one has ever died from smoking marijuana. Cannabis is considered as far safer than most of the food commonly consumed today. Moreover, contrary to beliefs, cannabis does not lead to use of hard drugs. While there are people who abuse drugs who often smoke marijuana, it is said that legal drugs like tobacco and alcohol precede the use of illicit drugs.
Many people also want to know if cannabis use can cause violence. On the contrary, it does the opposite. The only crime many marijuana users commit is using it. Marijuana smokers ten to be under represented in crime and violence, compared to alcohol use and amphetamines. Smoking marijuana is safer than smoking tobacco and people have the tendency to smoke less of the hemp. Cannabis has been proven as a medicinal herb with many therapeutic uses in treating ailments, from glaucoma, arthritis, cancer, asthma to AIDS/HIV.

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