Why You Need a Medical Marijuana Card

You need the medial marijuana card so you will have no problems for purchasing or transporting medical hemp. Remember that medical marijuana is only tolerated legally for patients who have recommendations from doctors to have a medical card. The card provides you legal protection and purchase from dispensaries for your prescription.
Upon receiving a recommendation from your doctor for the mmp card, most states allow three to twelve months validity, depending n the state the card is issued and after that should be renewed. The medical marijuana card does not only offer you protection from your state’s marijuana laws but provides several benefits as well.
Most states legalizing the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes allow holders of the card not only to purchase the hemp from marijuana dispensaries but also allow them to grow certain amounts for their personal use. Nevertheless, every state has their different laws about this so make sure you know what works in the state you are in. Keep in mind that you will only be granted this card if you have a chronic ailment and the best medical option for you is to use medical marijuana. This should be proven along with a doctor’s prescription or recommendation.

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